Emerge Ag Solutions endlessly strives to seek new and reliable approaches to assist growers in maximizing profitability on their farms. The biggest concern of our growers is the risk involved in producing the very best crop possible and being able to market it in the top range of prices. We have taken note of these concerns and are pleased to announce that we have found another opportunity, which we will be promoting as part of our portfolio of agriculture solutions!

Stay tuned for upcoming information meetings that Emerge will be hosting with Global Ag Risk Solutions! We have tentatively planned to host these meetings in November. We will be sending out emails, posting the dates in our office, and making phone calls. To ensure you do not miss out on these meetings, please call or email Lacey at 306-962-6411 or Lacey@emerge.ag. You don’t want to miss this!

As with all of our endeavors, we have put a lot of research into this Production Cost Insurance and feel that it is a huge benefit to growers and will definitely be worth your time to learn about. Global Ag Risk Solutions is the first insurance to provide growers with a minimum Revenue Stream. Their programs allow growers to produce their best crop possible and market it properly without the fear of contract buy-outs. This insurance is bankable; you can use it as collateral and borrow against it.

This is a testimonial that sold us on this coverage:

What I really like about Global Ag Risk is that I’m rewarded for what I do on my farm…What appealed to us on our farm on Global Ag Risk Solutions was the idea of insuring our farm on the dollars, not specifically on a crop or a coverage or a bushel; and the independence – not being tied in with our neighbours or the different operations around Saskatchewan, but an insurance program specifically for our farm…You do sleep a little easier at night… We had just finished spraying 3000 acres of fungicide the night before the hailstorm came, so that was on a majority of the land that was 100 percent hailed out. So, very disheartening to pick yourself up in the morning again and go back and wonder what you were going to do. But, we knew if the opportunity arose that we could spray it again, that the coverage was there, and the nice part about Global was that if the crop was late (and it was), and we did freeze, we were insured on that end also – not just getting a cheque for hail insurance, or a cheque for this or cheque for that – but we were covered right through the growing season…It probably lets us be a little more aggressive because we know what we’re insured for going into it and it lets us diversify into some larger input crops…And it lets us forward contract more grain, knowing that we have a dollar per acre coverage, not necessarily a bushel coverage…Overall it’s been a very good experience.

We encourage growers to make the right choices at the right times, yet we have also spent enough time on the other side of the desk to truly understand how daunting it may be to continuously invest more time and money into growing a great crop. We have witnessed success and would like to inspire these practices to all growers in our region. Learning more about Global Ag Risk Solutions is the next step in allowing farmers to aggressively produce a crop to take pride in!