It is the most critical time of the Agronomy year. The first step in any crop plan is assessing nutritional needs.

We take a lot of pride in our soil sampling, testing, and analysis process, and encourage growers to consider us for their fall soil assessment needs. As part of the process, we intend to show each of you growers exactly where we extracted the samples from, and a reminder to repeat customers that we have been re-visiting each of these flagged sites year after year.

A&L Labs is recognized as one of the most reputable Laboratories in North America. The detail and prompt service in their reports, is second to none, while additional tests such as Biological Soil Health Reports are available and will be a trend setter in the industry.

Here at Emerge we pay specific attention to your crops, your tools, your preferences for fertilizer application, and compile an analysis with your operation in mind.

Bookings are coming in, and the time is right. Give me a call either at the office or on my cell with your field locations,  and we can get started.

Pat Toner, CCA
Sales Agronomist,
emerge Ag Solutions
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