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Fall Seedbed Preparation

With the conditions across much of the Prairies this past season, growers may get a good chance at an extended fall seedbed preparation window.  This will make the spring rush just that bit more manageable. Fall is a good time to manage residue left after harvest.  Tillage at this time can also speed up the [...]

September 20th, 2017|Categories: Emerge Posts|0 Comments

Marketing – It’s Not Seasonal

It never really ends – in fact, it’s a seamless operation; farming, that is. Marketing, in particular, is an aspect of the farm operation that should never fully be pushed onto the back burner. Keeping tabs on global, and not so global, news is important as you plan, plant, and, ultimately, harvest your production in [...]

August 25th, 2017|Categories: Emerge Posts|0 Comments

Plot Tour Season

Just as trade show season rolls around with regularity every year, so does summer tour season. This is a valuable opportunity for growers to get off the tractor, out of the fields, and into a situation where they can do some research and learning to keep up with improvements and new technologies in the industry. [...]

June 28th, 2017|Categories: Emerge Posts|0 Comments

Pre-harvest weed control

It’s been a season for the books. Right across the Prairies, rain, more rain, hail, and storms have pounded the crop, but now, harvest is steadily approaching and despite many challenges, decisions still have to be made regarding pre-harvest weed control. Fall is generally regarded as the best time to gain a foothold over winter [...]

August 22nd, 2016|Categories: Emerge Posts|0 Comments

Lentils – Are We Planting Too Much of a Good Thing?

Everyone is planting lentils in 2016. Or so it seems. According to Statistics Canada, lentil acreage is up 30 per cent over last year. “A 30 per cent increase in lentil acreage is a significant increase over last year,” says Chuck Penner, owner and analyst at LeftField Commodity Research. “Lentils are not a special crop [...]

June 3rd, 2016|Categories: Emerge Posts, news|0 Comments

Be rid of weeds from September to May

PrePass™ XC is a great fall-applied burndown solution that keeps your fields free of broadleaf weeds until May. Seed earlier in the spring without concern of weeds. The SoilActive™ technology of PrePass is unique in that it stays active in the soil to suppress potential weeds after killing the weeds that had already emerged. SoilActive™ [...]

September 8th, 2014|Categories: Emerge Posts|0 Comments

It’s Harvest Time: Maintain the Value of Your Pulse Crops

It’s almost fall and that means only one thing… It’s harvest time. Harvest time is all about long hours, teamwork and a lot of windshield time. One thing to not be overlooked through this busy time is the proper management of storing your pulse crops. Safe storage conditions are key to maintaining the value of [...]

September 2nd, 2014|Categories: Emerge Posts|0 Comments

Emerging Plot Trials: Canola and Soybeans

The month of July always brings more than warm weather and growing crops in west central Saskatchewan. It also brings the beginning of the crop tour season. Field days and plot tours give producers and other industry folks a chance to see the varieties companies have in their portfolios, as well as the opportunity to [...]

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Summer Crop Report

Stats Canada published its Outlook for Principal Field Crops at the end of July, marking the end of the 2013-14 crop year. With favourable growing conditions, production of all crops increased to approximately 76 million tonnes (Mt) from 57 Mt in 2012 in Western Canada and from 21 MT to 20 Mt in 2012 in [...]

August 25th, 2014|Categories: Emerge Posts, news|0 Comments

Precision Agriculture Taking Hold in Western Canada?

Precision agriculture is a fairly broad term. For some, it’s using the auto-steer capability in their tractor and for others it’s applying site-specific herbicide using a preprogrammed map. Over the years the emphasis has moved from variable-rate technologies to vehicle guidance systems to yield mapping. The practice of precision agriculture became a possibility with the [...]

July 23rd, 2014|Categories: Emerge Posts, news|0 Comments