On November 2 we launched our inaugural CONNECT event, The Heart of the Farm, celebrating farm women from across Western Canada. At this event we also launched CONNECT Apparel, an initiative that, at Emerge, we are very excited about.

CONNECT Apparel is a clothing line with a purpose. We have designed and created various pieces of clothing such as t-shirts in sizes 3 months to XXL, tank-tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, golf shirts, ladies slouchy tops; which are just the beginning of our collection! All of our styles are trendy and fashionable, but what makes them outstanding is their purpose.

As the CONNECT Apparel brand grows in awareness and popularity it will CONNECT people to agriculture. There is a disconnect happening in our culture between people producing the food to feed everyone and the people buying and eating food every day. Our goal is to help bridge the gap, to help people understand the value of what we can produce in Canada and how important it is to keep agriculture and the science behind it functioning and progressing.

CONNECT is working at becoming a globally-known social enterprise and our goal is that every time a person buys a piece of CONNECT Apparel clothing they will be directed to our message of connecting the world to agriculture.

In addition to promoting agriculture and CONNECTing with consumers, CONNECT Apparel will be contributing an agriculture package (good quality seed, inputs, tools, and training) to a farmer in a developing country.  We feel CONNECTing through agriculture is the first step necessary to help developing countries to sustain themselves and eventually end world hunger.

Through CONNECT Apparel we endeavour to create awareness and support for agriculture and to spread that support around the world. Supporting and maintaining family farming operations is a very natural goal for us and is very close to our hearts. We want families to farm for many generations to come, and we hope that CONNECT Apparel can help.

CONNECT Apparel will be available on the CONNECT website in 2016.