Emerge Ag Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of:

Agri-Trend Marketing to our Grain Marketing/Risk Management division.


We are often faced with opportunities that seem too good to be true. The transition to a new marketing company has taken a considerable amount of time for good reason. The goal of Emerge Ag Solutions is to find and provide the best solutions possible to help our valued clients to be successful. Throughout this transition, we have done extensive research to make sure we are living up to what our growers deserve from us.

We have discussed and reviewed past experiences with growers. We have talked to our current marketing clients, as well as other growers we deal with. We have reached out for opinions from colleagues we have in the Ag industry. We reviewed material from other marketing companies, which did not align with our goals. We conversed with the management of Agri-Trend, various coaches with Agri-Trend, as well as clients of Agri-Trend. We dug into the Agri-Trend service packages and looked for flexibility, practicality, value, and cost. We looked into the performance and research behind the market analysis and recommendations. Following all of this investigation, we collaborated as a team and made our decision.

Emerge Ag Solutions is confident that Agri-Trend Marketing has all of the tools, skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to allow us to provide growers with the best marketing assistance possible.

Lacey Gerbrandt will continue to be the representative of Emerge Ag Solutions’ Grain Marketing/Risk Management Division. Over the past two years Lacey has grown as a Grain Marketing Professional. She has gained vital knowledge and developed many beneficial relationships in the industry to consistently achieve the highest selling prices for her growers. Lacey continues to make strides toward providing growers with all solutions available to manage risk and be profitable.

Please stop by the office to learn more about how Agri-Trend Marketing can grow your profits.