Our Transition to Agri-Trend

By Lacey Gerbrandt
Marketing Advisor

Upon very thorough consideration, Emerge Ag Solutions has chosen to partner with Agri-Trend Marketing. We took our time with this decision and went through extensive research and reference calls in order to be certain that this company will provide the level of intelligence and value that our growers deserve, and we’ve determined them to be a great fit for our company and our growers.

We chose Agri-Trend to power our Grain Marketing Division for various reasons. The leading incentive that attracted us to Agri-Trend is their dominating presence in the Agriculture Industry. Agri-Trend is a very well-structured company that shines with professionalism and vast intelligence. Agri-Trend has a broad coverage of all of Western Canada as well as parts of the United States. The Agri-Trend network is comprised of experienced analysts, traders, and logistics specialists. It goes without saying, we are extremely confident in the research and opinion of the Agri-Trend team!

Agri-Trend Marketing fits perfectly with the goals of Emerge Ag Solutions! There are a number of packages to benefit the unique needs of each grower. We also have the capability of customizing packages to individual situations. Agri-Trend provides extensive service programs at extremely reasonable prices!

A few examples of how Agri-Trend has impressed me so far include:

The discipline and cross-referencing of all sales decisions with Senior Marketing Coaches,

The depth and efficiency of the Agri-Data system,

The extensive methods and use of performance-tracking for all marketing decisions,

The communication between all Coaches and Senior Marketing Coaches,

The volume of Marketing Intelligence at my fingertips daily,

The organization and professionalism of all Agri-Trend staff members.

We are very excited to have our Grain Marketing division powered by Agri-Trend Marketing. We will be hosting a launch meeting in the near future; please stay tuned for details.

Please stop by the office or call/text/email me, if you would like to learn more about how Agri-Trend Marketing can benefit your farming operation.

I wish you all the best this growing season! Bring on the rain!