According to the Government of Saskatchewan, because kochia cross-pollenates easily, is a tumbleweed, and has wind-blown pollen, it is difficult to know if the glyphosate resistance found in Western Canada was introduced from elsewhere or if it evolved independently at the various confirmed sites.

Instituting changes in weed management practices is the key in improving the overall level of weed control, but the bottom line is reducing the intensity of glyphosate use to lower the potential for resistance. The Government of Saskatchewan suggests using different agronomic practices to manage weeds other than higher glyphosate rates. The glyphosate resistant kochia populations found in Canada are resistant to about five times the normal rate for kochia control.

When the reliance on any one type of weed control technique is reduced, weeds are less able to adapt to a constantly changing system that uses many different control practices.

Incorporating different herbicides into a weed management strategy will reduce the amount of glyphosate used on a constant basis. In response to the resistance issues new herbicide products are bringing added choices to farmers. BlackHawk is a cereal pre-seed burndown with two modes of action and two active ingredients making it an effective tool for resistance management. BlackHawk can be tank mixed with other herbicides including glyphosate, delivering enhanced performance over glyphosate alone.

Enforcer delivers effective, post-emergent control of established cleavers, kochia and wild buckwheat in one application. With three active ingredients and two different formulations, Enforcer aids in the control of glyphosate tolerant and Group 2-resistant weeds.

Regular use of the same herbicides combined with the same practices every year is the biggest factor contributing to the adaptability or resistance of weeds. A constantly changing system using different products and practices in rotation has a greater chance of preventing and/or minimizing the occurrence of problematic resistant weeds.