As well as determining all of the crop rotations and pesticide group rotations to ensure a sound integrated pest management strategy on the farm, growers have to keep plugged in to new developments in pest control options, as well. This update focuses on new herbicides that are available for 2015.

“The only brand new active ingredient to hit the market for 2015 is halauxifen-methyl, branded as Arylex from Dow AgroSciences,” explains Clark Brenzil, weed management specialist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. “Farmers will see two new products containing this active, Pixxaro and Paradigm. The release of a completely new active ingredient is fairly rare event, so we will be watching how this new active adds to farmer’s utility on the farm.”

Arylex is also the first in a new sub-group of Group 4 herbicides that control broadleaf weeds in wheat (spring, winter, and durum) and barley. Arylex is available in two new products in combinations with other active ingredients from Dow AgroSciences. “Halauxifen (Arylex) active will control cleavers at larger growth stages which is really nice to have for flexibility,” says Brenzil. “It also has activity on kochia, which provides another option to control this challenging weed prone to herbicide resistance.” Both have a range of available tank mix options to expand the spectrum of broadleaf weeds or control grassy weeds.

Pixxaro is a co-formulation with fluroxypyr, another Group 4 active ingredient (a.i.) also found in Attain or OcTTain, as well as combined with many Group 2 herbicides to control resistant kochia and cleavers. Pixxaro is also co-packaged with MCPA ester to round out the broadleaf weed spectrum.

Paradigm is a formulation of Group 4 Arylex and the Group 2 herbicide florasulam, which is also found in Frontline and PrePass. Paradigm can be mixed with MCPA or Curtail M to pick up the additional weeds on those labels.

“We are also seeing herbicides common in Eastern Canada getting registration for use in Western Canada,” says Brenzil. “BASF has introduced Armezon and expanded the Distinct label for use in corn in Western Canada as an example.” Brenzil also notes that some old active ingredients are seeing a revival of sorts. Clever is produced by Productierra of Panama and distributed by Great Northern Growers Inc. out of Wilkie, SK. This product will control green foxtail, cleavers, sow thistles, and a handful of other weeds in wheat. “It’s an interesting active ingredient as it works as a Group 4 on broadleaved weeds and a Group 26 on grasses. It’s a unique product in that aspect.”

Another product for use on corn in the U.S. for many years has been registered Canada-wide. Gowan Company, who also manufactures Avadex now, manufactures Permit, a Group 2 corn herbicide. This is an indication the direction corn acres are taking on the Prairies.

Growers can also look for Salute from Dow AgroSciences, which is a co-pack of Ares and Lontrel for use in Clearfield canola. Odyssey Ultra is a new co-pack of Odyssey (a 20+ year old product) and Poast Ultra (a 40+ year old product). The new packaging brings convenience for farmers looking for a combination of products.

The most comprehensive listing of current herbicide products and registrations is contained in the 2015 Guide to Crop Protection. It is available in electronic format on the Saskatchewan Agriculture website in sections, or in its entirety. Additionally, the hard copy version can be obtained from your local Saskatchewan Agriculture Regional Office, Ag Knowledge Centre, agronomist, or crop input retail.