As many of you have noticed throughout the past year we have been building a new office at our Eston facility. We have outgrown our current office space in the building that we moved into in 2007. We have created more offices in our current building throughout the years, but we have completely run out of room to hold all of our personnel. It has been a long process for this building as we were projected to be in it before seeding of this past year, but as you all know when it comes to construction most projects never go according to plan. However, the completion is nearing now, and we should be in the office sometime in the beginning of the New Year. It will be an exciting move for us as we will be able to conduct business much more effectively and efficiently all being under one roof. We will also have ample conference space to bring in industry experts from time to time to conduct meetings and seminars for our growers in the goal of helping you to grow the best crops possible. We are looking forward to the 2015 growing season and the ability to work closely with the growers in the area as we roll out new products and services we have been working on over the past months. It is shaping up to be another good year and we welcome you all to stop in and visit us in our new office once we make the move in 2015.