Weed free from harvest to seeding!

PrePass SoilActive Technology provides extended control of broadleaf weeds, stops moisture and nutrient losses to weeds in the fall and extends broadleaf weed control into spring prior to seeding.

With two active ingredients, PrePass delivers excellent control of winter annuals, broadleaf weeds, and volunteer canola in barley, oats, and durum and spring wheat.

With exceptional control under variable weather conditions, fields sprayed with PrePass in September or October can stay clean through April and into May.

The SoilActive technology in PrePass extends broadleaf weed control for 21 days after application. When applied after harvest, as the soil temperatures cool, the breakdown of the SoilActive component slows down and eventually stops with freeze up. As the soil warms in the spring, it is reactivated and begins controlling susceptible weeds again. The SoilActive technology in PrePass is unique in the fact that the freezing temperatures in the winter do not damage the active ingredients rendering them ineffective.

SoilActive will control multiple flushes of fall and early spring germinating broadleaf weeds. It can also be applied on LibertyLink and Roundup® Ready canola stubble to ensure the control of volunteer canola before the crop is established in the spring. Dandelion control will be the most effective when applied after the first fall frost when the active ingredients will be drawn deep into the roots by the plant.

Winter annual weeds will continue to grow even after a “killing” frost so treatment with PrePass can continue into the late fall. Spraying can continue as long as the leaves of the target weeds are 60 percent green. Controlling these winter annual weeds can conserve moisture for the crop next year.

The fields that will benefit the most from fall applied PrePass with SoilActive technology are any Roundup Ready or LibertyLink canola stubble that will be seeded with a cereal, any field that requires the control of flushes of broadleaf weeds, and any field that will be seeded with a cereal in the spring. PrePass is also an effective way to control weeds, including volunteer canola when planting winter wheat.