“Support local” is a term and movement that has become trendy in many major cities about everything from food to art and beyond. Ironically, it is even a term that is now being used by major corporations such as Loblaws and their Superstores and many other major large chain grocery stores, telling their customers that they carry many locally-produced items. This is a marketing tactic that is embracing the trend to support local.

Supporting local, however, could not be more important than in a small town. Shopping at your local grocer as opposed to the nearest Walmart, buying your morning coffee from your local café as opposed to the nearest Tim Hortons, or eating at your locally-owned restaurant as opposed to driving to the closest big chain restaurant, are examples of how you can help support local. This isn’t to say that these large corporations are bad and we should stay away from them, it’s just important to focus on our local businesses when we can.

Not only do local businesses support the economy of the town and its people, which in turn will help add to the value of the community, but there is often a personal touch that you can expect that comes with living and working in a small community and would be harder to find at a large, national/corporate business.

At Emerge, we are so proud of the two towns that we work in and support: Eston and Kyle. As a locally-owned business, we are dedicated to giving back and helping these communities thrive. We are honored to be able to provide jobs and help support families in our communities. And we are dedicated to being valuable product and service providers to help sustain our communities.

Being a locally-owned business also gives us a sense of pride for our customers and their businesses, our growers. The success of our growers is our success. We are proud when their businesses thrive, and we do everything we can to support them. We appreciate their business, and we are grateful for their loyalty.

We are happy to be able to sponsor local programs, teams, and events, to help keep our community engaged, and we would love to hear your feedback on what you would like us to support. Please contact us any time with additional ways to help improve our communities and fellowship as well as your needs as customers and fellow businesses.

We are deeply, deeply thankful for all of your support and business. We hope to meet all of your growing needs and exceed your expectations!