As crop production becomes more complex and technically challenging, partnering with an agronomic specialist can be a valuable relationship for a farmer. Having a trusted partner available to offer suggestions and solutions to ongoing issues and challenges to improve crop production and profitability as well as the overall health of the land is valuable.

Agronomy is more than advice on pesticide; it can encompass crop choices, rotation choices, variety selection, soil management, crop nutrition, as well as total farm management.

When farmers share their crop production plan with agronomy specialists they will receive advice on the best ways to plant, harvest, and cultivate the planned crops to receive the highest return on investment possible. Agronomists stay current with new developments in crop production and incorporate them into the recommendations they make to the farmer. These recommendations can improve economic returns, as well as help protect environmental sustainability of the cropland.

Farmers who are considering partnering with an agronomy specialist should understand all the services the company can provide and the level of knowledge of the agronomist before selecting a service provider. It is important to ensure the service provider has the expertise working with the soils and climate, the crops grown, and the production systems that may be used in the area to receive advice that is relevant to the region.

At Emerge Ag Solutions our goal is to make your job easier. We are dedicated to being a support system for our growers in any way that we can, and providing the trusted partnership that can be so valuable.

Here are some of the services we provide to help you get the maximum potential out of your land this season:

Farm Planning Solution

Our Farm Planning Solution software is a fully detailed, fully integrated electronic farm business management tool ensuring sustained, elevated success on each and every one of your fields. Your fields have a lot of information to store, and FPS can help manage and organize your data.

Consultative Agronomy Services

Our knowledgable, experienced staff is here to help your every step of the way. From agronomic advice to our tailored crop nutrition plans specific to your crop and farming operation and frequent crop inspections and recommendations, we will ensure you are equipped with all of the information you need to produce the best crop.

Product and Custom Services

A big part of making your job easier is having the technology and equipment available that you will need for cleaning and treating seed, treating seed on-farm, custom applications, fertilizer blending, etc.

Contact your Emerge representative to learn more about how we can serve you this season