This spring we upgraded our seed treating equipment from the mobile unit that we have been using for the past number of years to a new, state-of-the-art, USC seed treater, and it has been performing great! This specialty treater combines the most innovative technology with the most popular seed treater on the market and what you get is the perfect solution for on-site treating; a flexible, portable, seed treatment application that includes everything required to treat seed on wheels.  The treater accurately metres the quantity of grain passing through and very precisely applies the appropriate rate of seed treatments at speeds up to 1,500 or more bushels per hour. The treater itself is a self-contained unit consisting of a genset and conveyors. This combination of a variable speed drum and cleated belt conveyors gently tumble and lift the seed throughout the phases of mixing and coating without worry of any damage or rollback. Seed can be taken out of any bin or truck and treated back into another truck, and this process is gentle enough to treat peas and soybeans, as well.


Seed treatments are becoming more and more important, to the point where every seed benefits from being treated. Seed applied micronutrients and biologicals are becoming more popular, as well. Any product applied to the seed can only be as effective as the accuracy and uniformity of application. We want the products to reap as great a return as possible for our valued customers. The combination of quality, accuracy, and modularity were the features our customers were looking for, so we made the decision to upgrade to this next generation seed treater, an essential move for our business.