We would like to introduce our new software program Farm Planning Solution (FPS).  FPS is a new tool to help our growers work more effectively by maximizing their record keeping and crop data management.  This software program will make this happen by tracking items specific to growers fields, such as:

  •  soil samples, fertilizer blends, herbicide/pesticide/insecticide usage and rates, yields
The Farm Planning Solution benefits the grower by helping to coordinate planning for the upcoming season, ensures accurate availability of products, live information and field records available 24/7, the ability to develop a history of  fields and crop yields to better serve and reference back to in the future.
FPS has many more detailed attributes which the grower can take advantage of, such as:
  • Report Generation; gathering data at the field and date the occurrences will enable us to report overall farm activity.
  • Field Scout Tracking and Reporting; allows us to track observations such as the physical appearance of plants and insect damage,  identify weeds, diseases, nematodes and make recommendations, suggestions & comments.
  • Automated Soil and Tissue Reporting; track soil tests automatically,  and generates trend analysis reports.
  • Crop Planning; year over year crop and yield tracking by field, crop production costs, and crop and fertilizer pricing.
  • Harvest Data Tracking; track the crop variety, harvest date, actual yield and selling price.
 Please come in and talk to any one of our Agronomy Team and we would love to show you the software and explain the system in much greater detail.